Indonesia is an archipelago where sea transportation plays an important role in domestic and international trades. APOL has been the pioneer in Indonesia's maritime transportation for more than four decades. Through its wide range of services, APOL is able to tailor clients' needs.

APOL is ready to serve your needs, give the highest level of service, provide reliable performance, and deliver ultimate customer satisfaction. 


Dry Bulk Service

The Company owns and operates complete and comprehensive dry bulk fleet comprising of panamax bulk carriers, tugboats, barges and floating cranes.

Using its fleet of Mother Vessels, the Company is able to supply coal for major power plants in Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and India. Besides coal, the Company also utilizes its vessels to transport other dry bulk commodities such as iron ore, wheat, soybeans and grains to number of countries such as China, India, Australia, the United States, Brazil, South America, and South Africa.

Through tugs and barges services, the Company is able to serve domestic transshipment service, port to port service, and also ocean going service to the Phillipines to supply coal to power plants.

The Company’s fleet of Floating Cranes are placed in strategic locations near loading ports in Kalimantan to support transshipment from tugs and barges to Mother Vessel at open sea.  Annually, the Company’s floating cranes are able to transship close to 20 million tons of coal.


Liquid Cargo Service

To provide its liquid cargo transportation services, the Company owns a tanker with capacity of more than 35,000 DWT.


Agency Service

The Company offers full agency services to its Principals. Annually, the Company is able to handle close to 500 Calls. APOL’s agency services comprise of port handling services, owner’s protective agent services, appointing stevedoring companies, ship husbanding services, cargo and ship brokering, sourcing spareparts, vessel equipments and bunker. The Company has agency offices and branches in 10 locations including main ports in Indonesia: Tanjung Priok in Jakarta, Tanjung Perak in Surabaya, Banjarmasin, Semarang, Jepara, Samarinda, Pontianak, Kotabaru, Panjang, and Merak.


Stevedoring Service

APOL is able to manage loading and unloading services required at ports or at open seas for container, bulk, liquid cargo with its owned supporting units of heavy equipment of reach stackers, dozers, and grabs.


Ship Management

APOL also offers ship management services, including crewing, fleet management and ship maintenance. Our crew are well trained, qualified and experienced with shipping techniques and management. With skilled professionals onboard and ashore we deliver ultimate consumer satisfaction. The movement of Company's vessels is monitored closely by advanced communication and information technology, including online systems (automatic identification system, ship security alert system and global maritime distress signal system) for safety and security purposes.


Jetty Management

APOL is the trusted name in jetty management. We manage jetty at coal fired plant PLTU Tanjung Jati B at Jepara, Central Java. We are able to provide all jetty management services from berth management, operational procedures, to loading and unloading monitoring.

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