Choosing ARPENI means teaming up with a logistics and transportation partner with over 40 years experience in Indonesian and international markets.

We simplify your supply chain by providing reliable, innovative and integrated transportation and logistics solutions, unlocking potentials and delivering on our promises.



Pioneering and cultivating Indonesia’s human capital to propel trade to your destination



Reliable provider of innovative integrated transportation and logistics solutions through operational excellence.

ARPENI is a leading Indonesian logistics and transportation group, a driving force for trade and delivering commodities across Indonesia and the globe since 1975.

We understand the complex procedures involved in successful logistics and transportation and how each step must be carefully executed for a smooth, efficient and trustworthy service.

ARPENI owns and operates a fleet of modern, top of the line vessels in accordance with international safety standards. We have employed and trained over 1,000 highly qualified individuals and have branch offices in major ports throughout Indonesia. Your shipment is managed by an experienced and dedicated team, ensuring your needs are met both on board and ashore.

Our shipping services have been developed to provide safe and reliable deliveries, ensuring your goods are given the utmost care and attention.

For international shipping, our mother vessels provide the support and equipment for carrying dry bulk commodities such as nickel, iron ore, wheat, soybean and grain to Asia, North America, South America and Australia.

For domestic shipping, our mother vessels are primarily used to supply coal for major power plants under long-term contracts. For domestic transhipments, port-to-port and ocean-going services, we use our fleet of reliable tugs and barges. We have strategically placed floating cranes near loading ports in Kalimantan to support transhipment from tugs and barges to mother vessels at anchorage, providing end-to-end solutions. We also supply energy across Indonesia with our liquid tankers.